ZotiYuri Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Rice Straws Explained

Bio Rizo Straws Green color

Why ZotiYuri Eco-Friendly Rice Straws?

We are an independent Belgian company, where there is a mix in ownership between a Belgian and a Vietnamese. We are inspired by the desire to save our world while it was attacked strongly by Plastic, from the land to the sea. We believe Eco – friendly products are the most effective solution. We commit to bring to our clients high quality products with reasonable price, and of course, plastic free, BPA free, biodegradable and environmental friendly. Our first product, produced in Vietnam, is the Eco-Friendly rice straw.


These 90 Days Biodegradable Straws are the real deal!  Let’s kiss goodbye to plastic straw and welcome to the whole new world of Made of Rice Straws.  After used, they can be put in the garbage, compost bin or even given as food for your fish. It biodegrades within 100 days in a landfill and in seawater only within 7 days, while the plastic ones need at least 200 years to disappear.


Let’s contribute a part to protect our Mother Earth and our life.


The drinking straws are all made of natural materials, such as Rice and Tapioca.  No chemicals or chemical adjustments have been made for getting the firm structure.  Coming in a myriad of 4 colors which are white (rice), green (amaranth spinach), purple (beetroot) and grey (sesame seeds), they’ll surely look stunning and lively on your Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook media posts.


The Rice Straws are tested to prove it’s safe for users. They got FDA certification for US market and BRC certification for Europe market. In addition, all the straws are manufactured following strictly ISO 22000 standards.  In addition there is no chemical modification whatsoever, the straws are 100% natural!


The drinking Straws are made for single use, with cold drinks.  Straws can be kept for more than 1 hour in a cold drink.  We do not recommend using them for hot drinks as the straws may melt and will give a lightly rice flavour.  The straws are fully natural and edible, but we recommend the straws to be used for drinking only. 


The straws are packed in paper bags of 500g – 1.10 lbs.  There are about 85 straws per bag, should be stored in a dry place in normal room temperature.  They can be kept up to 18 months after production date.  The production date is mentioned on the backside of the bag.

500 gr of rice straws / 85 straws per bag.
Since the straws are made in natural without adding any chemical, not every straw is identical in measurement and weight.
Dimensions are 8 mm diameter / length 22 cm – 0.32 inch diameter / length 8’66” inch
One color only per bag, no mix color
Packed in a paper bag, all necessary information is printed on the back side, including manufacturing date

Rice Flour
Tapioca Starch
Natural colors which are white (rice), green (amaranth spinach), purple (beetroot) and grey (sesame seeds)

The straws are produced as per European and American standards. For US these drinking straws are FDA approved. For Europe these are BRC certified.

To be used with cold drinks
Can be used up to 2 hours, straws may crack if being used for a longer time
Not to be used with hot drinks, as you may have a rice flavour taste while the straw is melting

Keep in a cool and dry place, can be kept for 18 months after production date.

Less Plastic, Better Life
100 days to biodegrade
7 days to biodegrade in Seawater
After use these can be put in the compost bin
Harmless to the environmental