Wood Pellets Vietnam

With the raise in gas prices the last couple of months, the demand in pellets has been growing exponentially in 2022.
In 2018, as per official statistics, Vietnam was the fourth country worldwide for producing and exporting wood pellets.  This is behind respectively China, U.S. and Canada.
Pellets are made of sawdust, shavings, twigs, and tops of planted wood with a diameter of about two centimetres or less. The pellet producers do not require large and complex investments in management technology, which enables them to easily participate in the production.  Therefore this is, at this moment, easy for local Vietnamese producers to step in with a minimum of capital.
We have signed a cooperation for trading and exporting wood pellets to Europe with a couple of local and certified manufacturers in Vietnam.  In this way we can offer a European service for our customers and overcome the local communication and negotiation difficulties in Vietnam, next to the issues around quality.
Quality control is added as a service, to make sure the pellets are meeting the quality requirements of the destination country, such as FSC certified wood, making sure the processing facilities are not using mixed materials, …

We pass on the prices basis FOB, together with the shipping rate up to final destination.  Both rates are given separately, so you know your actual costs.  We include an additional transport insurance.

In addition we do the follow up before leaving the factory and during and after loading.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on info@zotiyuri.com or via our contact page for more info.