This is “Not Plastic” but Corn! Sorry, but same as Plastic! Open your eyes people!

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems. And this problem exists already, it is not something which will happen in the future, like we have with the global warming. Action is needed. You have to realise, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by volume. If you know there is enough fish in the oceans to feed 7.7 Billion people, then you can imagine how much plastic is already floating around.
People and a lot of businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, establishments, companies, airlines, government institutions, … are starting to ban the use of plastic straws and have them replaced by PLA “biodegradable” straws.
The PLA “biodegradable straw is promoted as “Non Plastic”, which sounds good, but it is NOT AL ALL a good alternative for the plastic straws.


What are PLA straws made of:

PLA stands for Polylactic Acid. You have PLA plastic based on Corn Starch or Sugar Cane. They are made of plants that can break down in the environment, but they are NOT environmental friendly! Herewith the real facts:

PLA Straws are NOT biodegradable!

PLA Straws require specific industrial composting conditions. The straws can only compost under a temperature of 60 degrees during 10 consecutive days. If this is not the case, then the straws cannot be composted. NOBODY has such an installation at home, and therefore the PLA straws and PLA product will end up in the same place as plastic straws. Please note only 19% of all plastics produced, has been recycled. The rest ended up in the Oceans or in Landfills!

PLA Straws act similar to Plastic straws

In a landfill or in the ocean, the conditions for decomposing will never be met and therefore the PLA straws and products will do the SAME harm to the environment as plastic. Which means they will be consumed by the marine life and fish, harming animals and pollute, until they end up in our stomach.

Consumers do NOT know

PLA Corn Starch or Sugar Cane has the label “this is not plastic” and people believe, when it is not plastic, it is good for the environment. People are a bit lazy, including myself. At first, when I saw the slogan “this is not plastic”, I was feeling happy. Afterwards I felt betrayed and not happy at all. As for composting, you have to put the PLA in an industrial composting collection bin. Do you know where to find one? Honestly, I do not! And if you put it together with plastic, then the recycling companies need to filter this out. Which means extra costs and extra taxes for the people. In short DO NOT USE PLA!

A REAL alternative for the PLA straws are the Bio Rizo rice straws.

In short, they are:

  • 100% natural
  • Biodegrade within 90 days in a landfill / 7 days in water
  • Edible and good food for fish
  • Safe to use

These are REAL and REALLY GOOD for the environment. They do not last forever in a drink, but that is why it is a 100% natural product, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Find out more on our website.

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