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Do you know Bio Rizo Rice Straws biodegrade as fast as apples?

Yes, you have read the title correctly. A Bio Rizo rice straw decomposes or biodegrades as fast as an apple! Our Bio Rizo Rice Straws are 100% natural and biodegrade in a similar and natural way as fruit and vegetables.I hear you thinking! This sounds like a perfect product! Why is not everyone using these […]

 Eco-Vriendelijke Bio Rizo Drink Rietjes gemaakt van RIJST

Deze Bio Rizo rietjes, gemaakt van rijst, breken op een natuurlijke wijze af binnen de 90 Dagen. In water of zeewater zijn de rietjes volledig afgebroken binnen de 7 dagen. In vergelijking, plastic rietjes hebben 200 jaar nodig om te verdwijnen. Na gebruik kan je ze in de compost bak werpen, meegeven met het gewone […]

ZotiYuri Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Rice Straws Explained

Bio Rizo Straws Green color

Why ZotiYuri Eco-Friendly Rice Straws? We are an independent Belgian company, where there is a mix in ownership between a Belgian and a Vietnamese. We are inspired by the desire to save our world while it was attacked strongly by Plastic, from the land to the sea. We believe Eco – friendly products are the […]