Bio Rizo Straws made of Rice? Real, eco friendly or just another sales trick?

A lot of people have asked us, are these straws really natural and are they the real deal? From a sales perspective of course we say yes. But we do not think only about sales… From an environmental perspective rice straws are the best! Therefore we have to repeat ourselves, “YES!!”, our straws are really natural and NO sales tricks, these are the REAL DEAL.


The main ingredients of rice straws are rice flour and tapioca starch. In order to get a firm structure there is NO chemical modification whatsoever. The main ingredient rice, is received from a certified rice farming company. The chosen rice is good for human consumption. Once the rice is received it is being cleaned, impurities are removed, being steamed at 100°C and being blended together with the other ingredient Tapioca starch.


No chemical colorants are added, only natural colorants. For the white straw, nothing has been added, as the natural colour of rice is white. For the other colours natural, but tasteless colorants are added. For green this is amaranth spinach, for purple beetroot and for black sesame seeds. A specific coloured straw is really giving something extra to your drink. A purple coloured straw in a campari-wodka or a green straw in a Hendricks Gin will be the finishing touch a special cocktail can use. However, these straws are not only to be used for cocktails, but for every drink, as from a cold brew cocktail, a bubble tea, soft drink up to a cocktail.

4 Colors of the straws


YES, the straws are edible! However we do not recommend eating more than 10 straws a day as it may be a bit heavy for the stomach (in short it will make you gain weight 🙂 ). It is an extra sales point, however for us, our main selling point is to use them as an eco-friendly alternative to sip your drink. After use, you can cook them, eat them as you have them, or or let them melt in your hot drink. One thing is sure, you will be less hungry afterwards.
Being edible is an extra proof the straws are 100% natural and biodegrade in a natural way. In addition the straws do not contain any gluten. The basic ingredients rice flour and tapioca starch do not contain any gluten and are used for a lot of gluten-free products.


100% natural, BUT not 100% perfect. As already mentioned, they should not be used in hot drinks, as they will melt. A good temperature is below 35°C, but best use is for cold drinks. You cannot put the straw directly in a canned or bottled soft drink. The carbon dioxide gas, the rice and the lack of oxygen will give a foaming effect. As soon as you poor the drink in a glass you will not have that issue. And last but not least, you cannot keep them forever. You should use the straws within 18 months after production.

Not only disadvantages, herewith a list of the main advantages. In a cold drink, the straw can last up to 2 hours. In an evironment of normal room temperature drink, the drinking straw will last for 30-60 minutes. The straw will deform or will swell, but will not crack in that time frame. This means far much better than paper straws which have a tendency to become soggy.
For me personally, the biggest advantage is the SINGLE USE aspect. You DO NOT have to wash or clean it. Just eat it or throw it. Possibilities of throwing are endless, which is a bit contradictory with the environmental green thoughts. You can throw it in the waste bin, put it in a compost bin, give it as food to your fish, or even on board of a vessel you can throw it overboard without any feeling of guilt. The straws, if not eaten by humans or fish, biodegrade in 90 days under dry conditions (waste bin, compost bin, ..), in seawater with 7 days (if not eaten before),

To conclude, try out our Bio Rizo straws! Made of mainly rice, these are really amazing. The straws still amaze me, every time I take a sip of a good and nice cocktail, or a fresh, cold, sweet juice!

You can talk or discuss about it… But instead of doing that, JUStT try them out and let us know what you think! Be trendy, be green, be yourself, just use Bio Rizo Straws made of rice!