Our straws to Poland departed over the week end!!

Poland is one of our new countries in Europe where our Bio Rizo straws will be available under the private label Eco Rizo straws. More info about who to contact, will be made available on this website.

Last weekend we inspected all the merchandise in the airport, before leaving Vietnam. Including in the batch are our new color Orange, which will be soon available on our website and on bol.com. Orange is the color of Holland, so we must sell this wonderful Orange Bio Rizo straw in Holland!

Now BIo Rizo straws made of rice, are available in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Poland (under a private lable). More countries to follow in the coming year.

We are still looking for partners and distributors, not only in Europe but worldwide. We are in negotiation with other countries, but there are still a lot of countries to be convinced.

Remember, exclusivity for a country is possible, selling under your own brand is possible, just contact us for more information, MOQ’s and any other questions you may have.


Full follow up on the production process, packaging, transport, export formalities and verification before actually leaving the country, is one of the necessities if you want to import your goods into your own country. ZotiYuri B.V., based in Belgium is now cooperating with BelgiVina Ltd, based in Vietnam for doing all the export formalities. BelgiVina is owned by Ms Nam Thien, co-founder of ZotiYuri B.V.

For this particular export, it was the first issuance of the Certificate of Origin through the company BelgiVina Ltd.  The company has been founded on  October 1st 2019 and is specialized in Import & Export, Consulting, Sourcing, Inspection and relocattion.  The website www.belgivina.com will be soon online.  Check it out!

Share if you like it, the REAL and ECO FRIENDLY RICE STRAWS are starting to conquering the world.


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