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Gluten Free? Yes, our Bio Rizo Straws are Gluten Free!

  Yes, our Bio Rizo Straws are Gluten Free! The ingredients are rice flour and tapioca starch. Other ingredients are water and natural colors. All rice in its natural form, is gluten-free. This included brown rice, white rice, wild rice and also the rice flour affiliates. It is to be kept in mind, the “glutinous” […]

This is “Not Plastic” but Corn! Sorry, but same as Plastic! Open your eyes people!

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems. And this problem exists already, it is not something which will happen in the future, like we have with the global warming. Action is needed. You have to realise, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by volume. If you know there […]

Bio Rizo Straws made of Rice? Real, eco friendly or just another sales trick?

A lot of people have asked us, are these straws really natural and are they the real deal? From a sales perspective of course we say yes. But we do not think only about sales… From an environmental perspective rice straws are the best! Therefore we have to repeat ourselves, “YES!!”, our straws are really natural and NO sales tricks, these are the REAL DEAL.

Biodegradable Plastic Straws, good or bad for nature?

Like the word Bio for food, biodegradable is widely used to sell as an environmental friendly product. But are biodegradable plastic straws really better for the environment or not? Or is it just used as a sales trick, to trick people, just to make more sales, without really caring for nature or the environment? YES, […]

ZotiYuri Eco Friendly Straws – Horeca Belgium Nederland

White Straws in a bag

De rietjes gemaak van rijst zijn wel degelijk de oplossing ten opzichte van plastic en papieren rietjes

Afbreekbaar binnen de 90 dagen

De ZotiYuri rietjes gemaakt van rijst, breken op een natuurlijke wijze af binnen de 90 dagen. Na gebruik kan je ze in de compost bak werpen, meegeven met het gewone afval of als voedsel geven voor je vissen. In water en/of zeewater zijn de rietjes volledig afgebroken binnen de 7 dagen. Dit in tegenstelling tot plastieken rietjes, die 200 jaar nodig hebben om te verdwijnen, waarbij het afbrekingproces niet op een natuurlijke manier gebeurt.