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Check out our Nanotech Reusable Masks!

Check Out our Nanotech Reusable Face Masks – COVERUP   
 A Belgian design, produced in Vietnam Shop Here >>> PLEASE NOTE: This is not a medical mouth mask Together with our partner company in Singapore, we produce a super safe reusable face mask. This face mask consists of 3 layers: Outer layer: water-resistant cotton […]

ORANGE! This new color Bio Rizo Straws is now available :)

As from today, flashy ORANGE Bio Rizo Straws are now available in Belgium and in Europe.  You can find these on our webshop or on As from beginning of January 2020, you will find these also in different web stores in Europe. 🙂 As you know, Bio Rizo Straws are 100% Natural, the […]

Our straws to Poland departed over the week end!!

Poland is one of our new countries in Europe where our Bio Rizo straws will be available under the private label Eco Rizo straws. More info about who to contact, will be made available on this website. Last weekend we inspected all the merchandise in the airport, before leaving Vietnam. Including in the batch are […]

New! Eco-Friendly Drinking Straws made of RICE

THE REAL DEAL These 90 Days Bio Rizo Straws made of rice are the real deal! Let’s kiss goodbye to plastic straw and welcome to the whole new world of Made of Rice Straws. After used, they can be put in the garbage, compost bin or even given as food for your fish.  It biodegrades within […]