Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these straws the real deal?

These 90 Days Biodegradable Straws are the real deal!  Let’s kiss goodbye to plastic straw and welcome to the whole new world of Made of Rice Straws. After use, they can be put in the garbage, compost bin or even given as food for your fish.  It biodegrades within 90 days in a landfill and in seawater only within 7 days, while the plastic ones need at least 200 years to disappear.

Let’s contribute a part to protect our Mother Earth and our life.

What are Rice Straws made of?


The drinking straws are all made of natural materials, such as Rice and Tapioca.  No chemicals or chemical adjustments have been made for getting the firm structure.  They are tasteless and odourless, which means no change of the taste of your cold drinks.

They are coming in a myriad of 4 colors which are white (rice), green (amaranth spinach), purple (beetroot) and grey (sesame seeds).

They’ll surely look stunning and lively on your Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook posts.

How can Rice Straws reduce plastic

Only 19% of all plastic straws every produced have been burnt or recycled.  The other 81% is in a waste field or in one of our oceans.  

By using ZotiYuri rice straws instead, plastic use will be reduced and our straws are 100% natural and biodegradable!  On land 90 days and in seawater only 7 days until completely biodegraded!

How long will a rice drinking straws last in a cold drink?

The Rice drinking straws can be kept for up to 2 hours in a cold drink.

Can the straws be used with hot drinks?

We do not recommend to use the rice-straws with hot drinks.  The straws may start melting and can give a rice-flour flavour to your drink.

Are the Eco-Friendly Rice Straws safe?


The Rice Straws have been tested to prove it’s safe for users. They got FDA certification for US market and BRC certification for Europe market. In addition, all the straws are manufactured following strictly ISO 22000 standards.

Are Rice Straws Edible?

The rice-straw is 100% natural and therefore edible.  However we do not recommend to eat it but only to use it as a drinking straw.

How many straws do you have in 1 bag?

In one bag you have 500g of rice straws which is about 85 straws in one bag.

How long can the straws be preserved in the bag?

The straws can be kept for 18 months after production date.  The production date is mentioned on the packing.  Storage area should be dry and clean and they can be kept on room temperature.

To which destinations the Rice Straws can be delivered?Straws can be delivered to worldwide locations?

We deliver in the first place in Europe but in a wider range also worldwide.  We can deliver directly, however if you want to cooperate and be a local distributor in your country or region, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or through e-mail info@zotiyuri.com

What is the wholesale price if we order big quantity?

For bigger orders (as from 20 bags), wholesale orders or for representation of our product in your country, please contact us directly via e-mail or via mobile.  A pricing will be given up to your warehouse of choice, including full transport, transport insurance, import duties, taxes, VAT and any other charges if applicable.

The Vietnamese number listed can in addition be reached by facetime, whatsap and viber.