Do you know Bio Rizo Rice Straws biodegrade as fast as apples?

Yes, you have read the title correctly. A Bio Rizo rice straw decomposes or biodegrades as fast as an apple! Our Bio Rizo Rice Straws are 100% natural and biodegrade in a similar and natural way as fruit and vegetables.
I hear you thinking! This sounds like a perfect product! Why is not everyone using these fantastic rice straws. Well, the product is new, different and feels different than a plastic straw or a paper straw.

Plastic vs Rice Straws

A plastic straw can be used forever, while our Rice Straws crack or bent after about 1 hour. It is a natural product, therefore it will NOT last forever. The plastic straw lasts for at least 200 years and the price is very cheap to produce.

Paper vs Rice Straws

Next to the plastic straws you have Paper straws. The main problem, these straws are being sold as the only alternative for plastic straws. But do you like sucking a soggy paper straw? What a lot of people do not know about paper straws, is that the paper straw, once used, cannot be recycled!  (Most paperstraws are not accepted by recycling companies because of contamination) As soon as the paper is contaminated with another material, it cannot be recycled with other paper products. Our Bio Rizo Rice Straws do not become soggy!


PLA vs Rice Straws

Everybody has heard about the “Compostable” PLA straw. A lot of people see it as the solution. It feels like plastic, it looks like plastic and it is made by corn starch or sugar cane. Yes, these straws sound like perfect. However, these straws can only decompose in an industrial environment at a constant temperature. If not being recycled these last as long in nature as plastic straws, which is 200 years! Our Bio Rizo Straws are 100% natural and decompose in a natural way.

Go for Rice Straws!
Edible / Animal Food / Biodegrades in a natural way

We are honest about our product. It is not as durable as a plastic straw and it is not as cheap as a paper straw… But Rice Straws are 100% natural and the rice straws biodegrade as fast as apples. This is a product, which is actually good for the environment.
81% of all plastic straws produced arrived in nature. Only 19% has been incinerated or been collected on a waste dump. The other 81% arrived in the natural environment. If 81% of the Bio Rizo Rice straws arrives in nature, these will all be gone within 2-3 months, if not eaten by animals or sea-life.
If you want to change something, you have to start with yourself. Therefore start using natural drinking straws such as Bio Rizo Straws to protect the environment, yourself and future generations!

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