Wood Pellets Vietnam

With the raise in gas prices the last couple of months, the demand in pellets has been growing exponentially in 2022. In 2018, as per official statistics, Vietnam was the fourth country worldwide for producing and exporting wood pellets.  This is behind respectively China, U.S. and Canada. Pellets are made of sawdust, shavings, twigs, and […]

Bagged Cement ex Vietnam

We are cooperating with a government company for trading and exporting cement as per below details. Following Cement Types are offered: Cement  ASTM C150 Type I Cement ASTM C595 Type IL Cement ASTM C150 Type II Upon request, details of quality will be passed on. Packing: Packed in 40kg, 42.5kg or 50kg bags then packed […]

Are you looking for a reliable agent to represent you in Vietnam?

At the moment there is a new Covid wave in Vietnam.  Therefore it has become more difficult for for business visa to enter Vietnam, or to even start a new business, have new connections or find new products in Vietnam. Making sure to be ready  when the economy restarts during or just after the summer […]

Charity for Patients at the Center for Orthopedic and Burn Rehabilitation

Yesterday, March 3rd, we organized our first charity project of this New Year of the Buffalo.  Here we helped people, who are rehabilitating from burn wounds, or are waiting for a prosthesis after amputation. Our help mainly consisted of financial support and some basic food. This center is based in Ho Chi Minh city and […]