Charity for patients at the Cancer Hospital Bệnh viện Ung Bướu

Last Tuesday, June 23rd, we have been able to help people, suffering from cancer in the Bệnh viện Ung Bướu hospital, Ho Chi Minh with some financial support. For this month, we decided to help the poorest people in the hospital.  We are quite proud we can help.  This is already our 3rd charity project.  […]

We manufacture reusable masks! Ask more info for your personalized ones!

A couple of weeks ago we have started with manufacturing our own reusable masks.  Our production is now 15,000 masks / day and can be increased up to 25,000 pieces / day if needed. Which kind of re-usable mask? Our reusable fabric masks have 3 layers: Outside layer is water-repellant Middle layer is a PTFE […]

Joint Venture Belgium – Singapore – Vietnam

A new joint-venture has been set up between ZotiYuri B.V., See Seng Pte Ltd and BelgiVina Ltd.  ZotiYuri B.V. is a limited company, set up in Belgium, mainly for having a connection in Europe, for import, export and trading.  See Seng Pte Ltd is based in Singapore and is active in Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia […]

Glutenvrij? Ja, onze Bio Rizo Drinkrietjes zijn glutenvrij!

Ja, onze Bio Rizo Drinkrietjes zijn GlutenVrij!  De ingredienten zijn rijstmeel en tapioca zetmeel.  De andere ingredienten zijn water en natuurlijke keluren. Alle rijst op zich, in natuurlijke vorm is glutenvrij. Dit is inclusief bruine rijst, witte rijst, wilde rijst en ook de afgeleiden zoals rijstmeel. In het Engels noemt men de rijst “glutinous”, wat […]