Biodegradable Plastic Straws, good or bad for nature?

Like the word Bio for food, biodegradable is widely used to sell as an environmental friendly product. But are biodegradable plastic straws really better for the environment or not? Or is it just used as a sales trick, to trick people, just to make more sales, without really caring for nature or the environment?

YES, unfortunately, it is a sales trick to fool people around…. Find out why…

Normal plastic drinking straws are petroleum based, while biodegradable plastics are plant-based. This means, the plant-based items can be broken down by microbes within a reasonable time. However this does not happen in a natural way. Yes, you read it correctly, the biodegradable plastic straws cannot biodegrade in a natural way, but can only be composted. It has to be done under very specific conditions, within an industrial composting facility. If these “so called” environmental friendly straws are not being composted in this specific way, then they are like the petroleum-based plastic straws….

The only way to go to protect nature is by using natural products only, like the biodegradable ZotiYuri Straws made of rice.

Herewith enclosed you will find our table with the main differences between our real natural straws made of rice and the biodegradable plastic straws.

Do not let you fool around, not every biodegradable product is actually biodegradable!

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