Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Rice Straws

THE alternative for single-use plastic straws

Finally a straw has been invented which is the Real Deal! The ZotiYuri Eco-Friendly Rice Straw is a 200% natural product.  It biodegrades in a very fast and natural way and in does not harm the natural environment.  It is really the time to stop using plastic straws and to reduce our plastic footprint per person.

One way to do it is by stop using plastic straws.  Plastic needs about 200 years to degrade, NOT biodegrade, but degrade to microplastics. So for every plastic thing produced ever worldwide, if it has not been burnt or recycled, then it is still somewhere in our environment!  Out of all the plastic produced, only 21%, or 1 out of 5 has been burnt or recycled.

Source: Sea Turtle Biologist 

But not only animals are eating plastic.  Men and Women, depending on age, have about 39,000-52,000 particles of microplastics inside them.  Inhalation not included, otherwise you can consider an additional 30%.  More information can be found on our facebook page ZotiYuri B.V. regarding an article “Human Consumption of Microplastics” published by ACS Publications.

An alternative to the plastic straw is the paper straw, but being known as becoming pulpy when it is put in water.  When it lasts longer than expected, an extra coating layer has been added.  This coating is like some kind of plastic film which does not improve the biodegradability afterwards.  Paper and paper straws are also not the solution for single use straws.

However the eco-logical rice straw is a very good and viable alternative!  The drinking straws is made only from natural products (rice & tapioca) and is the real deal for cold drinks.  With cold drinks it can be used for at least 2 hours without deformation or breaking.  In addition the straw will not give a rice taste.

Advantages for the use of these straws:

  • Made out of 100% natural products
  • Biodegradable – 100 days in a landfill, 7 days in seawater
  • Can be eaten (not recommended) and after use can be given to fish as food
  • Can be put in the compost bin
  • Lasts for at least 2 hours in cold drinks without breaking or deforming
  • Can be kept in dry storage for 18 months
  • You help nature by reducing plastic use
  • No chemical modification whatsoever, the straws are 100% natural!


  • Only to be used in cold drinks (up to 35⁰C), can melt in hot drinks and can give a rice flavor
Green straws
Green Straws

# Let’s Eco You

It is really time to stop using plastic! Therefore start using a 100% natural product such as the ZotiYuri Rice Straws.

The best way is to start by yourself!

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