Are you looking for a reliable agent to represent you in Vietnam?

At the moment there is a new Covid wave in Vietnam.  Therefore it has become more difficult for for business visa to enter Vietnam, or to even start a new business, have new connections or find new products in Vietnam.

Making sure to be ready  when the economy restarts during or just after the summer months, a reliable agent is your ideal solution.

Through our sister company BelgiVina Ltd, a local company, set up in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, we can help you out for your business ideas in Vietnam. 

As an agent we can offer the following services:

  • For Import of local products into your country:
    1. Actual visit of your customer as your agent
    2. Actual visit of the factory
    3. Have samples collected and dispatched
    4. Follow up on documentation issues and local issues
    5. Follow up on the full export, including local transport and documentation
    6. Having companies on both ends, BelgiVina ltd in Ho Chi Minh and  ZotiYuri B.V. in Belgium, we can offer an “all in” service door to door.
  • For Export to and Import into Vietnam:
    1. Market research
    2. Distribution Network + Direct Sales & Merchandising
    3. Marketing Campaign
    4. Direct Sales
    5. Storage, Warehousing
    6. Local transport
    7. Through our sister company ZotiYuri B.V. in Belgium, we can offer an “all in” service door to door from Europe to Vietnam.
  • For Local Manufacturing:
    1. Check the possibilities with regards to investment; 
    2. Use an existing factory for test production, small batches in order to minimize your exposure at the start; 
    3. Local procedures to be followed and licenses to be obtained

Our main advantages to work with us:

  • We are based in the middle of the business heart of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh.  The biggest city with 12 Million inhabitants and the econmic center of Vietnam;
  • We speak the local language, know how to do business locally
  • We know how to translate the Western approach to the Eastern way and vice versa

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable agent in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us by email through our Belgian Company ZotiYuri B.V., or through our company in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam BelgiVina ltd,